I have in my possesion possibly the most hilarious home video of all time. America’s Home Videos would give me the $15,000 prize. I would go viral on You Tube in approximately 30 seconds. I cried when I re-watched it because I was laughing so hard. However, the video stars my young son.

To set the scene: The frame comes into focus slowly. The viewer can see a super cute baby starting to crawl, while in the background, you can hear his mother laugh. The baby has encountered a short step and has hoisted his front to the top of the stair, while his lower half remains on the bottom. He is making an audible “Ah ah ah ah ah” noise. As the full frame comes into focus, you can see the baby furiously humping the stair. For a full minute. He turns and gives his mother and the camera a winning smile. End scene.

I have a responsibility not to publicize him in one of his more embarassing moments, knowing that when he is 15, he will completely hate me for it. But I am depriving the world of just over a minute of pure joy. What should I do?

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