Here’s a great gallery for those who are just as excited about catching a glimpse of Nancy Pelosi downtown as ScarJo.

US Weekly

And for those of you who missed the C-Span event, Salon has the clips of Obama and Seth Meyer’s speech. It looks like Donald Trump’s head might explode at several points in Seth Meyer’s speech.

Highlights include:
Obama’s intro to “I am a real American” complete with video and his birth certificate.
The trailer for “The President’s Speech”, which I would totally watch. God I love Joe Biden.
Obama: “Where’s the NPR table?” (Cheers from back of room) “You guys are still here? I missed where we landed on that one”
Seth Meyers picking apart Trump. “Can you believe Donald Trump is running for president as a Republican? Because I thought you were running as a joke”

Mr. Idgie told me that I sounded like a little kid watching cartoons while I was watching the speeches. I’m not sure if he meant that as an insult or not.

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