I had a big day at work yesterday. I had several “very important” meetings with “very important people” that resulted in a lot of work for me, along with huge potential rewards. Mr. Idgie also had a big day at work, similar to mine. When we both got home, we looked at each other–we both had work to do, both needed to eat dinner, and someone had to take care of the kid, and do other various chores around the house.


This is a constant challenge with us, having two high-powered careers under one roof and no one at home to keep the household running. Under normal circumstances, we are able to balance work and life between us with excellent results. But there are days when we just need a wife. And not another me–we need a prototypical 1950’s housewife who meets each of us at the door with a cocktail, has a delicious and nutritious dinner on the table by 6pm, has the house cleaned, has the baby washed and fed and ready to play, and has a sympathetic ear to listen to the daily trials and travails of our days.
When I explain this to my superiors (all of which have stay-at-home wives responsible for managing their households), they laugh. “How funny it is that this woman could use a wife!” But, they take for granted that if I am at work and my husband is at work, there is no one left to run our house, which is a full-time job in itself. So, we scrape by, outsourcing where we can, learning to live with a dirty kitchen floor and accepting that sometimes dinner is cold cereal. But I could see where polygamy has its merits….

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  1. Wife Needer says:

    A wife would be great, coming home and not doing laundry, cooking dinner, cleaning the house, feeding the baby, dusting, vacuuming, yardwork, etc…would make life was just as I imagined it would be when I “knew” during college how easy life would be. I mean, I was going to take the elevator up the corporate ladder and wouldn’t even need a ladder. It was going to be so easy and I was ready to put in hard work with a corner office by day and living a rock star life at night. I would be traveling all over the world on vacations and meeting interesting people every day was a given. Well, many many many years later I see the reality that it takes hard work in all phases of life to make life work and you have to balance. When you have two people in a household working full time it means everything has to take a step back including their careers to balance. You can’t expect the cleanest house, perfect yard and great career unless you have 20 hours a day.
    While many of the things necessary to be done in my life make my life extremely chaotic, I still take a lot of pride in balancing it all and surviving each day. When I do get a chance to cook, clean etc…it feels like an accomplishment and I am providing food or a clean environment for my family to live.
    So, even though it would be easier with a “wife”, I love my life and would miss the challenge of the balancing act. Plus, if I had a wife, I would be forced to obsess about my career since I had limited distractions, and my career pays well, but kind of sucks.

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