My mom is awesome. She’s a consummate professional, working in a demanding and precise profession. She’s fond of saying that today she’s giving out lolly-pops and ass-whoopings and guess who just ran out of lolly pops! (I swear, this is one of her favorite sayings. Except sometimes she gets it backwards and ends up handing out lolly pops.)

Anyway, she’s up for a promotion at work and wants to spiff up her look. And since my latest “promotion” requires me to meet with more clients, I also need to refresh my work wardrobe. So tonight, we’re going shopping tonight for suits. I did some advance research and found these feminine, but professional suits.


I love this color. For some reason, I am drawn to heather gray, despite the fact that it washes me out and I look like a well-dressed zombie. The ruffles are a nice touch without being overwhelming. The belted jacket cinches the waist, so it emphasizes an hour glass figure. I like that the jacket has full length sleeves, so you can wear this year round. Lord & Taylor, on sale for $179


This suit features a classic black sheath dress with a textured jacket with flower embellishment. I like the color of the jacket and the feminine flower detail. I like that the jacket is closed at the top and open in the front; it makes the look more conservative and professional. I’m not a huge fan of the 3/4 length sleeves as you won’t be able to wear it after mid-October in DC.  The length of the skirt, however, is perfect. Macy’s, on sale for $129


If you like these, Corporette does a weekly suit pick that I usually love. Her price ranges are sometimes a bit higher, but worth it.




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