I received a contract draft back from the other side today. Here is a summary of my conversation with our client.

Me: There are a number of changes in here that are actually beneficial to us. I’m not sure why they would do that, but we will need to clean them up a bit because they are poorly drafted, don’t tie in with all of the defined terms, etc.

Client: Oh, those changes? I made those changes after you sent the draft to me, before I sent it back to the other side.

Me: Um….

Client: Also, don’t change anything that’s not important. I only want to change the things that really matter.

Me: This is the most important provision in the agreement….

Client: Well, I wrote it so I know it’s okay. I’m no lawyer, but I know those changes are okay.


11 Responses to The conversation you should never have with your lawyer

  1. Emma says:

    The worst part about being a lawyer…clients.

  2. Dianne Woods-Olvera says:

    Double charge him! :)

  3. Idgie says:

    I really hope I don’t personally know this client.

  4. Nope. My non-paying clients are all well-behaved. (Or at least, the ones who read this blog are :))

  5. william says:

    wha? is this what high price lawyers do? fo reals? I NEED ONE

  6. I want to give all of our clients a sheet of do’s and don’t’s when they start working with us. Top of my list: Help me help you. If you want me to be your lawyer LET ME. If YOU want to be the lawyer, then don’t hire me.

    I am getting so cranky in my old age.

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