I admit to being a bit behind and coming in on the tail end of the bandwagon.  It seems that everyone is wearing nude pumps these days.  Or, at least, everyone on the red carpet is wearing nude pumps.  I haven’t really seen them hit my office yet (except for one woman who has since left who bought a pair of patent nude Louboutins 3 years ago, and clearly she was on her own — albeit fabulous — fashion planet where I will never exist.  I mean, Louboutins for WORK?  If I had those they’d be on a pedestal).  Anyhow, being a sucker for one-year-old trends, I decided to investigate for myself.  I came across this lovely pair of Nine West “Ambitious” pumps.  They come in a variety of colors, but I (obviously) went for the taupe patent leather.

I was pretty excited when they arrived and tried to make an outfit in my head.  I was very disappointed to discover that I couldn’t!  Everything in my closet just didn’t seem to make sense with taupe shoes.  For example:

  • Outfit #1 — Gray, lavender and white silk dress.  The taupe is the same intensity (i.e. lightness/darkness) of the gray.  Doesn’t that mean I should be wearing gray pumps?  Or silver?  Or maybe even black?  Taupe is in the brown family; gray is in the black.  So confused.
  • Outfit #2 — Yellow, white and black print skirt + black silk top.  No browns to be seen.  Again, shouldn’t I be wearing black here?

Once I got fixated on this brown/black thing, I couldn’t find ANYTHING in my closet to go with the damn shoes.  WTH?  I swear, everyone I’ve seen on the red carpet looked great, and I didn’t recall anyone wearing brown.  They were wearing greens and blues and oranges and … pretty much every color under the sun!

Finally I was so irritated I decided just to try on every outfit in my closet until I came up with something that worked.  So I started with — of all things — a black skirt with red and pink embroidery, beads and sequins (very work appropriate, I know).

And you know what?  It worked.

So then I tried the gray silk dress.  It worked too….

They even worked with the yellow and black skirt.

They really DO go with everything.  Because THEY BASICALLY DO NOT EXIST!

No, this is not some existentialist blog.  (At least, not today.)  But once you put on those shoes, they cease to exist.  You don’t see them any more.  All you focus on is the OUTFIT.  So now your legs are 12′ long and all anyone sees is your awesome dress.  And they look completely professional because they aren’t screaming — hey, stare at my messed-up pedi!

I have now worn these shoes every day for the last two weeks.  Ordinarily I would care and think that someone is going to notice.  Except that they DON’T, because the shoes just fade into the background.

The bonus is that today I wore khaki pants, and the shoes blend right in making me look tall and lean, which is something of an accomplishment when you’re carrying 10 extra pounds because you sat around eating ice cream out of the carton after your kids went to bed because your husband was at a baseball game.  (Not that I would ever do this.)

So go out and buy some.  You don’t have to buy the Nine West version, though I can personally attest they are pretty comfy, but just buy some from somewhere ASAP.  You will thank me.

On a side note, I think I need this:

Pottery Barn "Wooden Shoe Ladder"

Too many good shoes not to show them off!


6 Responses to Best shoe for work and play — the nude patent leather pump

  1. Idgie says:

    I love those shoes!

    On a side note, I sat around last night cramming handfuls of gold fish into my mouth because Mr. Idgie was hanging out with Mr. K at the ball game.

  2. Mags says:

    So I just bought a pair of nude patent kitten heels. The thing is that they have a pointy toe. I know pointy toe shoes were in style awhile back, and I refused to wear them because I think my feet are big, but I didn’t really mind the way these particular ones looked (maybe the kitten heel helps?). My question is, K, are pointy toes out of style?

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