Elmo and Elvis Costello— Although Elmo’s duets with big named stars have mixed results (see Jason Mraz and Wil.i.am and decide for yourself) and have completely ruined pop mainstays for me (like this one, and this one), this little ditty from Elmo and Elvis about how Cookie Monster ate the number two is super cute and catchy. Mini-Idgie will get this in his Elmo rotation starting tonight!


 Tokidoki Barbie — Barbie has tats and a hot pink bob! Is it wrong that THIS is the Barbie that I want to grow up to be? I am apparently on the wrong side of the hand-wringing that is going on right now surrounding Barbie’s new look, as according to some, cool Barbie can turn our daughters into harlots (as somehow this Barbie would not?). Mom, if you are looking for the perfect holiday gift for me, this is it.


Ice rink — Seriously? I can buy an ice rink? For my back yard? And this is advertised for 3 year olds?! Why this is not advertised next to beer commercials is beyond me. I want one.



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